Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rise Up

I'm worried about the direction of this nation. I see a general lack of understanding about where we wish to see this world go. We lack vision and purpose; our motivational input as the next generation to have power is appalling. We are more concerned about the escapades of 72 day marriages between Kim Kardashian and her men than we are about the foreign policy of the United States, the economic debacle we face at home, and the heated rhetoric of the would-be Republican presidential candidates. We must regain our senses and take notice of whats happening. Not only will we inherit the positions of power to make change but we will inherit the horrible outcomes of decisions we have not made long before those avenues of power and change have become open to us. So we must wage a fight not only for the voice of power we so desperately need, but for the very soul of a nation. For what we risk losing is far greater than any evil that could be wrenched from the bowels of hell. My brothers and sisters of the world, we are losing our very souls to greed, corruption, hate, and misunderstanding. We are allowing ourselves to be wrapped up in fantasy lives as the real world seeps through our finger tips. And for what? For a fast dollar, the image of lasting fame? Rise up and heed what your heart tells you. That you are a creature of might and power, that within you lies the ability to change not only yourself but the world around you. Don't lose your soul and your voice in one day. It will take forever to regain it. If at all.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I put too much into people; I have known this for quite sometime. But I have always looked for the best in people and assumed that my kindheartedness would always be returned. Oh how wrong this can be sometimes. I guess what I'm feeling is thorough disappointment. Because this is not what I thought would go down, in fact this is quite the opposite. I won't go in to details, but I'll keep this in my mind from now on.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

is this all worth it?

When we're kids we're told that working hard pays off in the end. Our parents instill in us the values of hard work, perseverance, and getting an education. It is all made to seem so easy, a fairy tale which springs to life with ease. But this is never the case; often times quite the opposite happens. We work hard only to realize a new setback has arisen, we give our lives to jobs who care little about us except what labor we can provide, and we riddle ourselves with debt for an education that increasingly becomes hard to pay back. So what are we working towards? And are we losing the battle? Is this something worth fighting for? Or a hard illusion we've been sold by people who secretly wish to push us off to a dying world?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

life isn't perfect.

There comes a time when we must grow up, learn to expect the unexpected while moving further into our lives. We must never give up, for to give up is to concede defeat to all of life's low points. But to be realistic, this is the greater challenge. Life is never perfect, even at its best it is something of an ideal; there is more that could go better, greater good that could be achieved. But life is life, nothing grandeur or spectacular ... unless we make it that way. With all of the curve-balls life has thrown me, I have learned to adapt quickly and keep trekking forward. Because what good is it to dwell on the bad, when there is so much good lying about to be born.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

double betrayal.

build me a bridge to heaven.

i'll build you a bridge to hell,

and step by step we'll go our ways.

but whose to go which way.

a coin toss you say, so it'll be.

heads you murmur softly.

the tinkle on the ground rings out.

we walk our ways, not even a goodbye.

you with the slightest smirk.

and i know that it was all a set up.

you, my double headed coin.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Waiting for Superman

If you haven’t seen this revolutionary documentary on our nation’s broken educational system please watch it. The story it follows brings together educational reformers and students trying to make a difference for their future. Its heartfelt and warming but heartbreaking in the same breath. I cried at two parts when thinking about a sad reality that many of our youth face in uphill obstacles. Please please please, take just a hour & a half of your time to watch this documentary. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Feel free to leave comments in my askbox, or via twitter @_dewondewon. You can also leave comments on my other blog,