Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Please my loves, don't be scared of getting tested. Today so many people are afraid because what they think others will think of them if they do happen to be HIV positive. Don't be scared. Some people will try and put you down, but you stand firm & hold your ground. You are a creation of God & mark my words, he loves you. As a gay community, we can only blame ourselves for the stigma which comes with having HIV/AIDS. We talk so readily about those who we believe to have the disease and make fun of the situation. Well best believe, it is not a joke. We loose many of our brethren to such a horrible illness. I personally have 3 friends with HIV & I love them all the same. They all take the medicine and they lead normal, fulfilling lives. Not knowing is your death mark, knowing can mean the world of difference. Please, don't make anyone feel horrible for something that happened in their life. We are all human beings and we all make mistakes or have things happen to us without even knowing it. Lend a helping hands, not a cold shoulder.

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