Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World Aids Day

Today is World Aid's Day. A day meant to raise awareness about the rapid rate at which AIDS/HIV is ruining millions of lives and how to prevent and protect yourself. Please, please, please get tested today. I implore you. Knowing your status is key to helping to prevent the spread of the disease and also to living a healthy life. Even if you have HIV, you can still live a normal, healthy life. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. We have the medicine and the technology, you will overcome it. Another common misconception is that if you don't have the money then you won't be able receive the medicine. FALSE! You can receive the medicine through programs designed specifically for that purpose or even through a basic health insurance plan. Life is precious! Give yours the full respect it deserves. Know your status.

SN: Black females are at a higher risk to contract the disease and not know their status. Ladies, be practical. You don't know who your man's past relationships have been and thus you need to take precaution. Going down the path of denial will not help you. Get tested, YOUR LIFE depends on it. Don't play the fool.

For information about HIV/AIDS testing and other knowledge visit .

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